Completa este cuestionario para conocer tu riesgo de cancer de colon y recto.
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Colorectal Cancer: The Patient’s Guide (Inglés/Digital)

This guide puts in the hands of patients and families an extraordinary tool that simplifies the path that begins with a medical appointment. Written as a dialogue as in a medical check up, it gives step-by-step the simplest answers to the most common questions that patients and families spontaneously ask in the stages of assimilation of the diagnosis, its evaluation process, and finally, during both surgical and medical oncology treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy).

You will feel listened to, enjoying this summary of the knowledge, understanding and education of doctors Cristopher Varela and Adrián Terán, together with the vast medical experience of Dr. Marco Sorgi. They have taken on the mission of guiding the reader, lightening his burden, and helping him become an active participant in his treatment.

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